About Pluto

About Pluto

Clarifications about Pluto and the work “The Message of the Stars” written by Mr. Max Heindel

Ennio Dinucci….

The value of an individual, of a teaching, or of an institution grounds in the ideas’ quality it sustains.

Reason, logic and discernment should be the foundation of any subject; however, this hardly happens. The majority of people do not use the pure reasoning in their thoughts; hence, they are usually blended with emotions and intellectual desires, resulting that their conclusions, with rare exceptions, are fruit of shallow outward appearances and pre-established opinions.

When a new principle is presented to the world, it is accepted, according to the tendency, by a great amount of people with not further questioning. This fact is very common, especially when applying to abstract subjects such as occultism, astrology, religion, etc. People are driven to love their ideas, mostly when awakes their own emotions, with whom they identify themselves completely. When dominated by this state of mind, it becomes hardly difficult to put those ideas aside, even when a more logical and judicious principle is presented. The scientists and theologians mentality, limited usually to their five senses, filled this world with false ideas, incomplete statements, intransigently sustained by unilateral point of views that, even though are sustained by decades, will never turn into definitive and absolute truths. In order to point out the scientific methods incertitude, let us take the case of Pluto as an example. Discovered in 1930, it was recently still considered a solar system planet; however, in an assembly plenary held in Prague (August 24, 2006), capital of the Czech Republic, astronomers from all around the world decide to lower it to the state of a dwarf planet.

In order to repair, as far as possible, the damage that false astrologer caused to the real astrology, it is necessary to clarify that this science is an aspect of the truth religion; a subject restricted only to the initiation schools, used by the mysteries hierophants in the education of his disciple. However, as always happens in the esoteric field, the traitors of the arcane doctrine, are found blended with the true adepts, resulting that those mysteries extrapolated its boundaries where they were kept safe, and was profaned by merchants of illusions, lowering to the mundane mentality that are always eager by selfish emotions. Consequently, the sciences of Mages, worshiped in old times as a superior and secret teaching, was slugged by the fortune teller professionals, and transformed into an incomplete and meaningless speculation that nothing has to do with the science of the stars.

The discovery of Pluto has caused a real revolution in astrological field that persists up to present time. Many “astrologers” (?) and an enormous quantity of paper were misapplied in order to describe its characteristics as well as its spiritual and psychological influences, that in fact never existed. Even “The Rosicrucian Fellowship”, esoteric organization with headquarters in Oceanside, founded in 1912 by the honorable initiated Mr. Max Heindel (deceased in 1919), from whom it was expected a little bit of seriousness and pudency, also joined the fashion. Its leader’s lack of understanding collided with the knowledge of traditional astrology as well as the ideas promulgated by its honorable founder when they started to attribute to this celestial body an influence that was never measured or practically confirmed and only exists in their author’s fantasies. This demonstration of irresponsibility, frankly opposed to the teachings of the Rosicrucian philosophy and traditional occultism, was not all: the mentioned institution showed no embarrassment to include in “The Message of the Stars” – a book written by Mr. Max Heindel – a description (or “setting up”) about the nature of this block of rock and ice, and its pretense influence over the evolution of humankind. This description, remarked by foolishness and ingenuity, revealed the lack of understanding of Oceanside leaders and the disrespect to the memory of the honorable messenger of the Rosicrucian Order.

In Brazil, the “Fraternidade Rosacruz” (Rose Cross Fellowship), with headquarters in São Paulo city at Asdrubal do Nascimento Street, 196, affiliated to “The Rosicrucian Fellowship”, of Oceanside, published in their official newsletter (Ecos), last quarter of 2006 (oct, nov, dec), a text that confirms how much a meaningless idea (the case of Pluto) can dominate the mentality of an individual or even an institution that claims to be esoteric. Just to clarify, the founders of the “Fratenindade Rosacruz” (Rose Cross fellowship) were dissidents of the Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo (FRSP) to which the author of these lines is affiliated. The mentioned text’s title is: “Pluto and its new definition”, from which we feel free to reproduce a small part. Says the author, at the end of his “substantiated” thesis, the following: “Evidently this modifications (concerning Pluto) are of astronomic nature, since in the astrological field, Pluto, although reclassified as a “dwarf planet”, still continues to rein the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, the natural eight house of an horoscope, maintaining its basic characteristics: transformation, regeneration, sublimation among others. We suggest consulting the work “The Message of the Star” by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel, 11th edition, pages 445 and 449”.

What the author of the text maybe doesn’t know, or pretend to ignore, is that Mr. Max Heindel would never authorize this publication, since it doesn’t correspond to the astrological reality. Since, Max Heindel as passed away before the discovery of Pluto, one can not justify its inclusion in a monumental work as “The Message of the Stars”. Does the Coryphaeus of Oceanside, by any chance, judge them with the proper authority to do such an inclusion? Does not the decay where the American Rosicrucian Fellowship stands prove without doubt that this authority never existed?

We know that the brothers of the “Fraternidade Rosacruz” (Rose cross Fellowship) from Brazil are not independent in their orientation, since they are guided by the book of “The Rosicrucian Fellowship”, an institution that, since Mr. Max Heindel has passed away in 1919, collapsed into the most deplorable philosophical mistakes, among them, the inclusion of an dwarf-planet in the traditional astrology, proving that the American leadership have departed completely from the directives left by its honorable founder. By the way, he had already prophesized its decay and ruin, motivated by the usurpation of power from unqualified people (read Max Heindel´s prophecy in the work “Teaching of an Initiated” chapter XXI).

FRSP is an esoteric school founded in 1929. Since its beginning, it was never affiliated or subordinated to any other organization and during 77 years followed word for word the orientation offered by Mr. Max Heindel in his works, and not the ones from Oceanside. Since the discovery of this polemic block of rock in 1930, it has always positioned frankly opposed to its adoption by traditional astrology. Therefore, we severely arise against this misguided attitude from the “Mount Ecclesia” fellowship and from its affiliated organizations, considering such an attitude a philosophical insult and a fraud. Theirs leaders should know that to include an appendix in the work of a deceased author without his previous consent or without any explanation that justifies the action classify them as adulterers. We could say nothing if the description of Pluto was given in a pamphlet independent from “The message of the Stars”, with the name of the author responsible for it. Its inclusion in the work of Mr. Max Heindel project the false idea, at least for new or unwarned students, that it was written by the author of “The message of the Stars”. Maybe this was the intention of the leaders from the little church of Oceanside, the “NON SECTARIAN CHURCH”, designation adopted by them after Mr. Max Heindel left the physical world.

São Paulo, November 16, 2006