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Ennio Dinucci...

In order to avoid wrong ideas regarding astrological teachings from being eventually built, we advise that the description of the planetary influence of planet Pluto, inserted later on into the work "THE MESSAGE FROM THE STARS", on page 411 (Brazilian Edition, Rosicrucian Fellowship of Brazil) is not Mr. Max Heindel's authorship.

We regret the occurrence of this fact, as this is a very important Rosicrucian work, in the field of the astrological interpretation. Such attitude not only reveals a lack of philosophical ethics, but also disrespect to the memory of the author who would never authorize such description.

In fact, not even Astronomy has so far any accurate information as to the identity of such Star - whether it is a planet, a moon or an ice and rock block turning in the space. The most recent investigations caused the science to trend more to this latter hypothesis.

The above-mentioned description is the exclusive responsibility of "The Rosicrucian Fellowship", an organization founded in 1912 by Mr. Max Heindel, author of the work. Such organization - originally an Esoteric School - after its founder has passed away to the Spiritual Worlds (1919), has drawn considerably away from the guidelines established by the Master, giving up the school regime and taking for itself approaches typical to a church. ("NON SECTARIAN CHURCH")

Even though the Worldwide Head Office in the United States (Oceanside), like other modern astrologers, insists on bestowing that Celestial Body the most inappropriate influences, the "Rosicrucian Fellowship of So Paulo" does not recognize such lower authority constructions or interpretations. They are no better than meaningless philosophical speculations, which do not correspond to the Traditional Occultism Teachings, and much less to the guidance left by Mr. Max Heindel, illustrious messenger of the Rosicrucian Order.

To check the basis of our information, refer to the oldest issues of that work edited in English and Spanish, among other languages.

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