Catholic Orthodoxy and Rosicrucian Esotericism

Catholic Orthodoxy and Rosicrucian Esotericism

Ennio Dinucci….

The astrological teachings presented by Mr. Max Heindel, in his work “The Message of the Stars”, inform that human evolution takes place over great epochs, which last approximately two thousand and a hundred years each, originated by an astronomical phenomenon known under the name of “precession of the equinoxes”.

The Aryan race is especially more advanced and more prepared for Christianity, therefore it responds to several of these astronomical influences, reflected by three pairs of signs: Aries-Libra, which corresponded to the period of time from Moses to Christ; the Pisces-Virgo era, related to the last two thousand years of Catholicism; and the two thousand years to come, which will constitute the era of Aquarius-Leo, under whose influence there will be the reconciliation between various extremes or seemingly irreconcilable polarities, namely Reason (fire) and Feelings (water); State and Religion; men and women; theology and science, etc. According to Rosicrucians: “Esoteric Christianity” will be the universal religion foreseen for this future era, not Orthodox Catholicism.

Catholicism has prevailed virtually since its inception, particularly so during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period (15th and 16th centuries), imposing on its followers a blind and unscientific faith that undermines their freedom of expression, precluding them from questioning or making any appeal to reason.
Over time its power has slowly declined and, although it still exerts a considerable influence on less independent mentalities, it is greatly weakened after the advent of modern science.

Having said that, it is necessary to recognize that the religious imposition of the past was defensible to some extent, since the popular masses, with rare exceptions, did not have the mental and psychological conditions to assimilate a deeper education, even though this fact does not justify the intolerance and brutality employed by the "fathers of religion".

Nowadays, the intellectual level of people has grown remarkably and anyone who desires may have access to a series of metaphysical teachings from Ancient Esoteric Schools, revealed in that distant past to a few chosen.

These teachings, considered heretical by the emerging religion (Catholicism), were confiscated in pursuance of eliminating any idea related to the ancient and misunderstood esoteric wisdom.

The great “Doctors of Gnose” (esoteric knowledge) were persecuted and slandered by the coryphaeus of religion, who called for torture and murder in an attempt to hinder their teachings from being disseminated! Precious manuscripts left by Ancient Schools of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and other highly developed nations were relentlessly destroyed by the odious fanaticism and ecclesiastical ignorance! The arson of Alexandria’s library was one of the great crimes committed against humanity by the unawareness of the supposed "successors" of Peter!

The most renowned occultists had to hide their teachings under various guises and even bury them in order to preserve them for posterity. The discovery of some Gnostic texts in "Nag Hammadi", in upper Egypt, attributed to Gnostic Valentino, a man of great sensitivity and culture, born in Egypt, testifies to this sad reality from the past. The translation of some of these texts into Greek enabled their remanence up to the present.

The destruction of those philosophical treasures (which did not inhibit the church from appropriating many of its ideas) had yet another goal in mind: to stop humanity coming into contact with ideas that promote progress, free and expand consciousness, which obviously did not interest the catholic hierarchy, since knowledge of truth would emancipate its followers from their mentorship and clerical exploitation.

Reasonably, the Gospels prophesied: "Woe to you, experts in the law! For you have taken away the key of knowledge (in the past culture was totally subordinate to the church); but you yourselves have not entered and you have hindered those who were entering" (Luke 11-52).

How impossible it is to prevent the truth from coming to light... today esoteric teachings are freely propagated (despite religious guides) and anyone who manifests any interest in them can benefit from extensive clarification about the mysteries of the Being and the universe, without the risk of accountability before the ecclesiastical courts.

On the other hand, up to this day, the heads of the Catholic Institution seem to ignore that their methods (not those of religion) are outdated and discredited, no longer meeting the psychological demands of a more knowledgeable humanity. Although the institution still represents a considerable political force, imposing itself on the masses and governments as one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world, in the religious sense, it finds itself in an ongoing process of decay and corruption that is eroding its former prestige and power at a fast pace.

The remembrance of past glories and the arrogance of their leaders, who insist on interpreting the Scriptures exclusively from a historical and biographical point of view, as well as on superimposing the human figure of Mary to the Divine Spirit of Christ, raising her to the altar to be worshipped as a goddess, are the main causes of its fall and the stumbling block of a cunning and hypocritical priesthood.

Limited by their dogmas and by a one-sided view of the doctrine, they continue to uncompromisingly defend the lamentable past mistakes, stating that Catholicism is the only legitimate method authorized by Christ, capable of leading man to eternal salvation, and that anything that is not sanctioned by the "principles of the church" is practically condemned.

This limited view is not exclusive to Roman Catholicism, but also held by its Eastern counterpart, and by protestants who - subdivided into countless sects - have failed to transcend this childish and narrow-minded point of view. Their sole positive aspect has been the spread of the Bible and the New Testament throughout the world, apart from serving as resistance to papal aspirations.

Although it has had its usefulness, contributing to the industrial and political development of some western world nations (especially from northern Europe and the United States of America), Protestantism is nothing more than a dissent from the Catholic religion, cold and devoid of logic, lacking an effective cult!

As expected, evangelicals also consider themselves the only ones authorized to interpret the Scriptures, praising themselves for being faithful followers of Christ’s doctrine, thus, equating the same pretension of clerics, stating that outside their church salvation becomes impossible.

If a primary school stated that its teachings include all knowledge and, out of it, any and all others would be false or in bad faith, this claim would certainly be rejected by the most enlightened minds, considered absurd and arrogant. Unfortunately that is what theologians on both lines have constantly stated!
However, this distorted idea should not be attributed to religion, since it was established by the Guides of evolution (not by priests and ministers) aimed at the less favored masses, in the psychological sense, concealing in their dogmas a deep symbolism, whose meanings are no longer understood by the so-called messengers of God! The saying, "If you believe in God, stay away from priests and evangelical ministers” is very popular.

The false idea that Roman Catholicism was directly instituted by Jesus Christ, being the last word in doctrine, was forged by the founders of the institution. If scholars take the trouble to investigate the essence of the Catholic creed, in the light of Rosacrucian esotericism, they will easily verify that it alludes, albeit veiledly, to a deeper and higher teaching, destined to a more enlightened elite, just as an elementary school makes its students glimpse the existence of university!

With the approaching end of the present epoch (Pisces-Virgo) and the dawn of a new era (Aquarius-Leo), the Rosicrucian Order, the Western School of Mysteries (which has no connection with AMORC), precursor of the teachings that shall be in place in this near future, presented at the beginning of the last century (1909) a superior philosophical synthesis, with a focus on revealing the scientific side of the Gospels, in perfect harmony with true religion, while totally independent of theological and ecclesiastical opinions.

Considering the nature of Aquarius is intellectual and scientific, and its opposite sign, Leo, rules the heart, home of Love and altruistic feelings, the purpose of this honorable school is to answer all the questions that a diligent mind is capable of formulating, whilst awakening in the sincere pupil a deep sense of veneration and respect for the Architect of the Universe; a feeling of absolute necessity, for without it, knowledge of all mysteries would be useless!

Its methods include, in particular, a new education system that should be seriously studied without any worldly prejudice and without appeals to any outside authority (especially ecclesiastical ones).

This new education is conducive to awakening the two higher centers of reasoning and feeling located in the etheric brain, ruled by Uranus and Neptune, that is, the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland. These two glands are physical, but each of them is interpenetrated by a specialized etheric base, upon which the "Frontal and Coronary” Chakras are grounded. These are respectively ruled by the Sun and the Moon, which, in turn, serve as prime support to the second and third aspects of the Spirit of man: the Spirit of Life (Love-Wisdom) and the Human Spirit (Reason).

Rosicrucianism study will demonstrate to the most demanding intellect - provided that it is not limited by scientific and theological prejudices - that the Bible and the Gospels carry a hidden and mysterious side, biasedly rejected by the two institutions: science and theology. Both intend to explain the origins of man and the universe, by making use of one of these faculties only: reason divorced from feelings in the case of science; feelings and faith disconnected from reason when it comes to clerical theology.

The sustenance of these unilateral and deficient methods has obliged the two institutions to maintain a series of incomplete ideas that cannot be accepted as absolute and definitive truths. In regards to science, we see it constantly reformulating its hypotheses without reaching any satisfactory result that gives it the certainty of its conclusions.

Orthodox theology, in turn, relies on some true principles, although obscure and totally misunderstood by it, for the absence of Spiritual Understanding, that is, the union of reason with Love, restrain theologians from achieving their real meaning.

For instance: Catholic religion states that the Savior’s Sacrifice on the cross and the consequent shedding of his blood suffice to save souls from the eternal fire of hell and to unlock them the gates of heaven, as long as the devotee believes in this dogma and obeys without questioning the ordinance of his guides.

Although this religious premise encloses a profound spiritual meaning - when examined in the light of the Occult Science - it will hardly be accepted by people of an intellectual nature, unable to rely on an emotional faith that forbids them to research and reason. The same is true for people endowed with a certain sensitivity or spiritual perception, who cannot accept the cold and absurd utterances of a materialistic science, which denies the existence of a divine intelligence!

The essence of true religions is dogmatic, or rather, esoteric and, even though their guides angrily reject this truth to this day, they have not been able to rationally explain the mysteries or the reasons that have led them to repudiate the hermeticism of religion.

The aversion to superior esotericism, which would give life, value and rationality to religious dogmas, has forced their leaders to sustain a faulty theory, stating that religious mysteries must be accepted without discussion by their followers, for they are not given the right to speculate on divine truths. This absurd theory, whilst affronting man's freedom of conscience, is blatantly odd and astute, for it implies the referred leaders supposedly know them, even though this knowledge does not show in their actions!

The free assertion that the mysteries of God should not be investigated by man is a meaningless fallacy, for in no authorized religious tradition such a statement has been made. On the contrary, the Spirit of Christ himself, the perfect incarnation of Love and Wisdom, has conditioned the "liberation of man" to "the knowledge of truth" and, if his words still deserve some credit from the "Catholic Church" as expressions of immutable and irrefutable laws, it is concluded that truth can and should be investigated, on condition that it departs from legitimate premises considered in the light of, not of one, but of two spiritual faculties of man: Reason and Love!

What is truth? - Pilate asked Christ at the scene of judgment; what is truth? - ask the contemporary Pilate, harassed by the crucial doubts of scientific intellectualism!

According to the Divine Master, truth comes from heaven (Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus), that is, it is the abstract mental substance or essence that transcends form or matter and cannot be captured or researched by the material senses. It is the spiritual cause emanating from the "Thinker" that precedes the effect; the divine power that interpenetrates men, worlds and all inexplicable events, which, to this day, could not have been accounted for by proud academic wisdom! It is the superior meaning that is hidden in the letter of the Bible and the Gospels and which, unfortunately, has been lost or perhaps has never been found by the smug "doctors in theology"!
At this point, the following question may arise: is it possible to become aware of these truths that constitute the essence of all teachings and of all beings of the material world, among whom man is the greatest and most mysterious of all? Of course, and the philosophical basis offered by the Rosicrucian Order has no other purpose in view than this.

Catholic theologians, in particular, have demonstrated their lack of wisdom by separating esotericism from religion or intelligence from Love, for without the support of these two faculties religion has become blind, and the lack of rational guidance has inclined its proselytes to idolatry, superstition and fanaticism.

This fact is confirmed effortlessly, if one observes followers’ unreasonable attitude in grounding their faith in plaster, stone or wood images; in rather dubious relics (nails, hair, bone fragments) and even in mummified bodies of some saints, morbidly displayed in some churches.

This idolatrous demonstration, which masks ignorance and materialism of fanatized masses, is skillfully stimulated by their guides, due to its profitable return! Priests’ devious passivity in respect to followers’ unawareness constitutes an outrage to biblical teachings that prohibit the worship of images! It also reveals that the concept of holiness has not been properly understood, since it resides in the soul, not in someone’s body, nor in their belongings!

The lack of a higher vision has caused rituals and sacraments to lose their spiritual sense and, of course, their effectiveness, because by repudiating the higher ideas that enlivened them and gave them meaning, officiants have found themselves limited "to certain religious forms that survived the lost ideas" (Eliphas Levi).

The statement that pontiffs are the only authorities in possession of "Heaven’s Keys", has proved wrong in the whole trajectory of Catholicism, horribly tainted by the selfishness and material ambition of its priests. The past two thousand years has shown a sad reality that is not in line with the teachings of Men’s Savior and his Apostles!

Perversions and atrocities committed in the name of the Divine Initiator effectively prove that they have never been in possession of such keys, for those who were given to Peter by the Founder of Christianity open the doors of the Higher Initiations, while the supposed keys employed by the Pharisees of Rome are unsuitable for this goal, since one does not reach the "Kingdom of Eternal Truth" on the basis of personal vanity, of princely honors and accumulations of earthly treasures!

Moreover, theologians have clashed with a law of paramount importance that annihilate all their doctrine: "reincarnation". The non-acceptance of this law of nature has led them to the adoption of false ideas that conflicts with the logic and common sense of higher education of all ages!

It is time to understand that the two keys given to Peter by the Spirit of Christ represent formulas that grant access to man’s "Inner Temple", having nothing in common with political and temporal power, much less with the long and luxurious paraments, with golden crowns and precious stones!

The clergy's ambition for material wealth has placed it on a level of materialism and injustice, making it forget that only traditional virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Fortitude, Prudence and Temperance have the power to open this mysterious Temple, whereas "material riches, in the hands of unjust men, can only open the doors of the tomb or hell", as well argued by Eliphas Levi!

These two keys refer to the two spiritual centers of man, "Reason and Love", without which it is impossible to come to the knowledge of truth! With the promotion and employment of these two faculties, Reason becomes enlightened by Love. Conversely, Love will be safe from deception, once endorsed by Reason, its defensor and protector!

To count on the permanent encouragement of the Lovely Spirit of Christ it is necessary to form a "Spiritual Chain" (Church or Egregore in Greek), consisting of men and women truly enlightened and unified by the spirit of intelligence and charity (Reason and Love), because only through a Chain of this category, the Great Hierophant (Christ) finds ways to fulfill his promise: "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst" (Matthew 18:20).

Hopefully our readers may understand the importance of this superior collective foundation, for it alone is capable of keeping the Christian Institution (School) united and protected against assaults of the "evil": selfishness, ambition, vanity and lies!

The name Peter means stone or rock, symbol of a state of individual and collective soul at the same time, which will serve as the basis for the true Church of Christ (Egregore) against which "(...) the gates of hell (Hades or forces of repulsion) will not prevail (Matthew 16:18).

Says Eliphas Levi in his work, "History of Magic": The glory of Christianity is to have called all men to the truth, without distinction of peoples and castes, but not without distinction of intelligences and virtues." This statement contains a deep wisdom, leading the student to repudiate ignorance, superstition, idolatry, passions and vices, replacing these with virtues values, which make the awakening of an intelligent faith possible!
According to the Savior of Men it is necessary to ask God to send workers to his mission, for those who are active are few! This recommendation of Christ leads us to consider two aspects of the question: the first being that God bestows this honor to man by making him an active participant in the wonderful evolutionary plan, conceived by Him, provided that he qualifies for such an undertaking! The second: to consider which class of auxiliaries will be in a position to be recruited in order to provide such aid.

Within the most elementary logic it is not possible to admit that fools, ignorants and irresponsible individuals, limited by a blind and irrational faith can bear this responsibility. Not to mention ecclesiastical politicians and businessmen who turn religion into a market and who, in their unawareness, have separated God from man, sending him to a distant sky, digging an insurmountable abyss between human consciousness and the Divine Spirit that brings it into existence!

Reason says that workers of the field will be free and wise men, capable of reasoning and loving, and not individuals limited by a cold and loveless mentality, or by an unbalanced and fanaticized sentimentality, without the backing of true reason. These, of course, could not help and, despite their presumptions, are the most needy!

Awareness of the current possibilities, as well as of the obstacles that ought to be removed, is the indispensable first step, which every well-informed candidate must take, before dreaming of Enlightenment and Initiation. It is necessary to invest wisely in the capabilities already developed, so that it becomes possible to develop others that only exist in the imagination, but that in fact do not exist in practice.

One of the most significant passages in the Gospel of John (The healing of a paralytic) describes the existence of a multitude of sick people, who are waiting for the manifestation of a higher power capable of healing them.

This passage is symbolic, of course, since it does not deal with physical diseases, but psychological ones. Among these patients, who constitute the majority of humanity, there are some aspirants to the Superior Life who are distinguished from the others by their awareness of their own soul limitations.

Clarified by the Science of Light, these individuals strive to render practical the teachings received (move the waters), whose purpose is to eliminate the congenital paralysis that immobilizes them, keeping them from acting in the direction of the Spirit itself!

São Paulo said: "Now it is the day of salvation", therefore, the time has come to work consciously for one’s own evolution, putting into operation the two higher centers - Reason and Love - in order to become a competent helper of the evolutionary plan!

Like the workers of the field, the Masters left in their teachings the magic formula for the blind, the lame and the paralytic to heal their soul disabilities, just as they applied it to themselves in the past, conquering the right and the power to help current humanity. This is the reason that leads them to assemble authentic aspirants, with the objective of including them in their Egregore of Light, because only then will the number of workers increase!

In this passage, an allusion is made to a mysterious door called: "Door of the sheep". Also mentioned is the existence of a "tank" and a level of consciousness called "Five Pavilions". May the interested reader try to open (Efetà) his ears and his spiritual eyes to capture the true knowledge of these symbols!

Your servant and brother in Christ - Ennio Dinucci
São Paulo, March 2003.