To the sons of fire

To the sons of fire

São Paulo, April 2002.

Ennio Dinucci…

This text aims to refute certain groundless ideas presented on the Internet by an organization known as “Fraternidade Rosacruz Max Heindel,” based in Rio de Janeiro. The organization in question was founded by the late Mrs. Irene Gómes Ruggiero and is affiliated with The Rosicrucian Fellowship, an esoteric association established in 1912 in Oceanside (USA) by Mr. Max Heindel.

The responsibility for these lines rests with the president and instructor of "Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo (FRSP)", an Esoteric Christian School founded in 1929 that has remained loyal to the guidelines of Mr. Max Heindel throughout its existence. These guidelines are outlined in the writings of the esteemed and enlightened instructor, which include The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception and various other publications. To begin with, we want to make it clear to the general public who browses the internet and is drawn to the occult teachings that FRSP is not a church, nor does it possess ecclesiastical inclinations. Hence, we have no connection with The Rosicrucian Fellowship, whose methods are typical of clerical institutions. This has been the case since the death of its Venerable Founder in 1919, when the institution started to deviate from the principles he had established.

Our perspective, which is diametrically opposed to that of The Rosicrucian Fellowship and its affiliates, is consistent and long familiar to all our readers. However, it is not our intention to cause any friction or engage in useless discussions with their members. Nor is it our intent to attract new students and supporters to our School. Our target is to expose to those who are interested in occultism that the Rosicrucian teachings presented by Mr. Max Heindel have long lost their original purity due to the inclusion of unauthorized ideas to his theses, which has caused them to be grossly misconstrued.

The profusion of nonsensical content on the internet poses an obstacle for earnest students attempting to learn about the sound doctrine set forth by Mr. Max Heindel. The challenge lies in separating the “wheat from the chaff”, i.e., the authentic teachings, from the spurious notions created by individuals who lack the commitment to uphold the integrity of the original instructions. Within this group of people, we would like to single out the late Mrs. Corinne Heline, whose writings recurrently feature in Rosicrucian periodicals.

Within this context, we would like to dispel any potential misperceptions of radicalism and intolerance surrounding our decision to reject collaboration with the Rosicrucian Fellowship. The reasons are easily available to any impartial student who takes the time to examine the written works of Mr. Max Heindel, particularly the title "Freemasonry and Catholicism."

The content of the book clearly defines the position of its author concerning the teachings of traditional occultism. Right at the outset, he describes himself as a “Mason at heart”. Further, he declares to “firmly believe it to be for the everlasting good of mankind that the Masons (the Sons of Fire1) should win.” Therefore, his preference places him in a position that is “FRANKLY OPPOSED TO CATHOLICISM.” The preference implies a distinction between the two lineages under consideration, namely the sons of water and the sons of fire. The most obvious and widely recognized difference is the prominent role that the Virgin Mary holds in Catholicism (Water), in contrast to the foundational significance of Christ for Esotericism (Fire).

Through a careful examination of the recommended literature, any person with common sense and mental independence can ascertain the reasons for our disagreement with the clerical and watery approach adopted in Oceanside. The preeminent aspect is that “Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo" belongs to the "Hierarchy of Fire", with which its members are fully aligned, wherefore they stand as conscious and active guardians of its principles. On this account, after the passing of Mr. Max Heindel to the internal realms and the subsequent adulteration of his legacy, we have made the decision to conduct the work of instruction autonomously, detached from any other organization. Thus, we remain true to the authorized teachings, through which we offer support and clarification to those who earnestly approach our School.

The lamentable error of The Rosicrucian Fellowship has been to undervalue the Masonic, masculine, and positive ideal that is foundational to the “Sons of Fire”, replacing it with the negative2, feminine, sentimental, and spiritualistic dreams of the “Sons of Water”. This attitude has resulted in the institution’s decline, an unfortunate outcome that had been anticipated by Mr. Max Heindel before his demise. This shift in orientation represents a clear adulteration of philosophical principles. Nonetheless, despite the gravity of the situation, all centers affiliated with the North American Head Office have adopted a passive, accepting stance towards it. Based on their posture, it becomes evident that the members of these centers have never pursued in-depth study of the Rosicrucian teachings.

In 1919, following the Master's transition from the physical plane and consequent departure from The Rosicrucian Fellowship's leadership, the direction was assumed by his wife, Mrs. Augusta Foss Heindel, who continued to lead the organization for approximately thirty years. Under her direction, certain religious rituals inspired by the Catholic Church were incorporated into the esoteric services that Mr. Max Heindel had legitimately organized. The departure from established practices started soon after his passing, indicating a clear disregard for the proper methods of an authentic Esoteric School.

Predictably, the feminine and matriarchal direction of that lady, along with others of a similar mindset, has transformed the original “Esoteric School” into a “little church” where priestly ideals and methods are manifest. The Great Rosicrucian School, founded by the Initiated Brother Mr. Max Heindel, soon degenerated, becoming a mere religious institution, permeated by fiction and spiritualistic escapism to this day.

The absence of an authorized male leadership and the lack of understanding of its directors have led the institution to hold weddings, baptisms, and funeral services, among other religious ceremonies. These practices have also been embraced by some of the affiliated centers, including "Fraternidade Rosacruciana Max Heindel", mentioned earlier, whose founder has fully adhered to this negative approach, driven by a natural vocation for the female priesthood. In the light of these events, we pose the following questions: What is the relation between the Rosicrucian School and the ecclesiastical methods? Who granted authorization for Oceanside's organization to adopt them? Surely, it was not the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order!

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to observe the frequent inclusion of essays authored by Ms. Corine Heline within the advertising brochures disseminated by The Rosicrucian Fellowship and its associated centers. This holds particularly true for the organization known as "Fraternidade Rosacruz Max Heindel", which suggests a strong affinity between this organization and that author.

Although the mentioned writer is regarded in Oceanside as a prominent harbinger of the “New Age”, her ideas and beliefs have no impact on us whatever. In fact, the world has always been filled with gratuitous opinions that lack substantive value when examined through the lens of the “Sacred Science”. What captures our attention about this lady is not the quality of her writings, which undoubtedly display an exalted fantasy. Rather, it is the improper association of her name with Rosicrucian Philosophy by the leaders of the now-defunct school of Oceanside. This misguided connection has led uninformed students to mistakenly believe that her teachings are endorsed by the Rosicrucian Order3. It is our responsibility to caution newcomers.

Lamentably, the North American direction not only recommend her books but also regard them as essential reading, including them in the Rosicrucian bibliography. Her writings, which are highly esteemed by the followers of the American "little church," are indiscriminately presented alongside the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order. Thus, we believe that her claims have played a significant role on the philosophical decline of The Rosicrucian Fellowship. To distinguish the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order from the fabulous views of that writer, and to prevent the erroneous believe that her ideas have been endorsed by Mr. Max Heindel, "Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo" wishes to clarify that it neither supports nor aligns with the perspectives of Mrs. Corinne Heline. Despite the admiration she may garner from some, our school does not accept her authority. Instead, we regard her as a fellow student who has fallen victim to her own self-deception.

Regarding the title of "initiated Rosicrucian" bestowed on her by the Oceanside organization and Rio de Janeiro's, it can be concluded that their leaders possess a rather poor and narrow understanding of what it means to be an Initiate. Genuine Initiates are known for their cautious approach in sharing their teachings, ensuring that they do not generate spiritualistic illusions and fantasies in the minds of others. Mr. Max Heindel provided the most compelling evidence for this statement, demonstrating exceptional discretion when discussing Higher Education4.

Upon contrasting the “teachings” of that writer with Rosicrucian Philosophy, "Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo" feels morally obliged to challenge many of her philosophical claims. Her narratives can only be classified as spiritualistic fantasies strongly imbued with maternal and clerical sentimentality, notably in her portrayal of the Virgin Mary, who represents the highest spiritual ideal within the Roman Catholic Church.

Although that student has devoted herself to studying the Occult, her evasive nature and tendency to engage in mystical ramblings are indicative of an elevated feminism that derive from the religious and romantic ideas absorbed from the clergy of her church. In fact, rather than freeing herself from the obscurities of clerical dogmas, she has opted to embrace them with her passionate mysticism, naively blending them with Rosicrucian esotericism. As a result, she has made a series of unreasonable claims that neither the Gospels nor traditional occultism support. Only those who resonate with her mystical and dreamy qualities can espouse her so-called teachings.

It is unbelievable to see the high level of admiration she has received in the clerical environment of Oceanside, considering that Mr. Max Heindel never mentioned her name or made any references to her writings in his literary works. In contrast, she expressed profound gratitude towards him for inspiring her own body of work. Based on all available information, we are inclined to believe that He never read her articles. If He had indeed read them, it would have been impossible for Him to give his approval.

Noticeably, the coryphaei of Oceanside have been captivated by her philosophical ramblings, viewing her as the most distinguished disciple of Mr. Max Heindel, even though she is accountable for incorporating the “Catholic Ideal of Mary” into the teachings of a School that has no connection to the “Hierarchy of Water”.

The Great Instructor did not fail to advise his students. During one of his lectures, he exhorted: "We must not accept any other direction than that of Christ". Today marks eighty-three years since his departure from the physical world in January 1919. And yet there is a stark contrast between the ideal proposed by the Master and the fanciful notion of a negative “Mother-Mary ideal” that currently influences the path of the students from the former School of Fire.

Based on the current philosophical stance taken by Oceanside and its affiliated centers, it is evident that Christ is no longer considered the central guiding principle of the alleged esoteric school, although his name continues to be invoked. This serves the sole purpose of hiding the indefensible favoritism, much like the Catholic Church does when venerating Mary instead of Christ.

The Supreme Master and Initiator has been downgraded by the "Sons of Water" and replaced by a human figure named Mary, who never claimed any titles such as teacher, divine lady, queen of heaven, or God's mother. Rather, in one of the few occasions that she spoke, she said: “Do all that he (Christ) says” (John 2: 5). Like magic eye drops, her words should come as a remedy to the blindness of her dazzled worshipers.

In her absence, the Reputable Mother of the Man Jesus has been transformed into a goddess, an idol, and a fetish by the deformed mentality of the clergy and the forgers of philosophies. Moreover, she has been endowed with a power parallel to that of Christ, or perhaps greater, with the capacity to oversee angels5 and exercise authority over all aspects of earthly evolution. Oddly enough, these matters include “women’s liberation”. In view of these fabrications, we are convinced that there is a limit to anything in life, except to human fantasy! Let us ensure that our words are correctly understood. We hold the sublime mother of Jesus in the highest regard and consideration. She is an Initiate and serves as a symbol of the creative power of “Imagination” that is so fundamental in all esoteric traditions. Therefore, she deserves esteem and admiration for her own merits. However, this does not imply that anyone has the authority to replace Christ6 with her.

Without a doubt, Mr. Max Heindel's prophecy from the book "Teachings of an Initiate" has come true in its entirety. The School has unfortunately ceased to exist due to "usurpation of power." In other words, it has been replaced by a negative and irresponsible little church that lacks any potential for redemption or return to its former status as a School. Its members have demonstrated a lack of reason, logic, and common sense by unquestioningly accepting the twisted orientation that has been forced on them by an unauthorized leadership, which can only be defined as a regrettable act of philosophical adultery7.

We believe that "The Rosicrucian Fellowship" should enhance their extensive online publicity efforts by prominently featuring the prophecy made by its founder. This could be printed in large, attention-grabbing characters, ensuring that people all over the world become aware of its significant content. Time, the arbiter of value, swiftly demonstrated the fulfilment of the prophecy, surpassing all expectations. Indeed, the prediction made by the Enlightened Instructor was not related to events that would occur in the distant future. They refer to events that occurred shortly after his transition to the spiritual worlds.

We understand that revisiting past and present events can be unpleasant, especially when they involve the defunct American school and its satellite campuses scattered across the globe. Apropos, we are not puritans, but we are conscious of our shortcomings. We do not believe in perfection, but we do hold onto a fundamental virtue: “LOYALTY”. This virtue drives us to guard the ideals of Rosicrucianism, for they are the source of our understanding and all truth.

In view of the general neglect, "Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo" is taking the initiative to expose this philosophical fraud, just as it has consistently done on different occasions throughout its existence. Mr. Lourival Camargo Pereira, who founded the organization, diligently upheld the School's principles. The present instructor has been pursuing the same goal for the last twelve years. Consequently, he assumes full responsibility for the written content presented here. The primary weapons of the Spirit have always been consciousness, reason, logic, common sense, and, of course, courage to expose truth and reveal falsehoods. These powerful ingredients have always been associated with the “Sons of Fire”, who only acknowledge and respect the authority of the “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”, the beautiful Spirit of Christ.