Our guidelines

Our guidelines

Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo (FRSP) is an Esoteric Christian School in the highest sense. It is neither a religious sect nor an invention or a philosophical montage of fashion. It is not a church. Its Directors and Councilors never receive any payment for services provided, nor any tuition fees for oral or written instructions that they generously and liberally offer their students. All of them, without exception, exercise their professions and live off them. Superior esotericism is unsuited to any kind of commerce; it is not a profession, so it does not exploit those who, in good faith, approach it.

FRSP has as cornerstone of its Teachings the Gospels of Jesus-Christ and the Rosicrucian Philosophy. Since its foundation in 1929, it has followed the safe guidance of the distinguished and enlightened Instructor Mr. Max Heindel, representative initiated and authorized by the Rosicrucian Order to present its Teachings.

However, FRSP is an independent and time-tested school. It is not and has never been affiliated or subordinated to any similar organization, not even the one that, at the beginning of the century, was founded by the Venerable Representative of the Order. FRSP remains faithful to the Spirit of the Teachings offered by the Honorable Brotherhood, having nothing to do with the interests, fantasies and interpretations of the organizations that claim to be its representative.