Truths That Must Be Known

Truths That Must Be Known

Truths That Must Be Known

Ennio Dinucci….

One of the most important duties of an authentic Esoteric School is to keep its students continuously informed about everything having to do with higher teachings, particularly when such teachings refer to the Rosicrucian Fellowship and its illustrious messenger, Mr. Max Heindel.

No matter how amazing it may seem , directors of spiritualist organizations - apart of some rare exceptions - are not able to keep the faith focused on the principles of the organizations they direct. Instead of trying to achieve an appropriate understanding of such principles, in order to tower over at the height of the truths they represent, they think easier to lower them down to their own understanding level, mixing them with their own opinions and to those of writers whom they have some affinity with, thus resulting a serious confusion, which causes prejudices to the virtuality of the teachings.

One of the most serious challenges people responsible for a School must go through is that dealing with presentation and continuity of their teachings in the Material World. Even though the teachings are prepared by the Elder Brothers in the spiritual plans, taking into account the spiritual needs of the mankind, they are disclosed to the world and widespread as seeds, in both oral and written forms, thus almost always giving rise to a series of intellectual misinterpretations, when presented by disqualified people, and as such, people incapable of getting into their highest meaning.

It's an unarguable reality that through the ages, vanity and intellectual proud, particularly in the occultism field, have caused the most serious disagreements. For that reason, it is not easy to preserve the original integrity and purity of the teachings, without maculating them with personal, vain and personalistic points of view.

In most of the cases, with honorable exceptions, when the Word (Instructor) that guides a School along its line leaves the visible scenery by the time he passes away to the spiritual worlds, the School decays, and unavoidably goes towards decadence and extinction.

In a number of biblical passages (specially Jeremy book) symbolic references to the misinterpretation and disappearance of a given School (cistern) are made, when it is said that their waters (truth or teaching method) have dried up or become bitter!

In the absence of an authorized and duly prepared successor, the School loses its direction and someone poorly qualified takes over the place and a seat that does not belong to him/her.

In these cases, the physical expression of the School is kept, and its directors may even claim loudly to be the inheritors of its founder. They may even publish his works, as they inherited his copyrights, deeming themselves as the only authorized parties to talk in his name. However, the spirit of the School is gone, and in its place, a little church emerges, where chimeras, fantasies and spiritualist and esoteric dreams usurp the place of a serious study of logics and reason!

Do not think, however, that to give continuance to a School one requires their continuers to be perfect, or the Initiation in the spiritual Worlds! No, it is not asked that much! However, it is essential to have a certain animic maturity and consolidate experience supported on Faith and Reason. It is required a higher view, apart of intellectual fantasies, vanity and their own interests; an acknowledged and proven Will that nothing is able to stop or deceive!

It is crucial to have a high level of Consciousness, as without it no Love for the fellow being, sincerity, faithfulness to a higher teaching, honesty, dignity, humbleness, responsibility and other attributes would exist! Of course, giving continuance to a School does not mean to meet personal whims, making such activity to turn into some pastime for leisure times.

Mr. Max Heindel states that the Clairvoyance faculty has degrees, and the first is related to the way things are considered and seen here, in the Physical World. It is necessary to have the eyes open wide to avoid being deceived by superficial and misleading appearances! The word clairvoyance means to see clearly, and we don't think possible to manage safely a School, when one can't see exactly the objective proposed by such School, and above all, when one is not able to notice the dividing line separating and distinguishing the School from a church.

The Gospel is very clear when saying: "Leave them; If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit ". Considering such principles that seem to be quite logical, the simple conclusion that can be taken is that it would not be possible to guide the others, when one does not know exactly where he/she is heading to, i.e. coveying esoteric teachings approved by the evolutionary plan mixed with ideas of fake masters (men or women) who have nothing to offer but their own immoderate pretensions, fantasies and vanities! Would it be possible to run safely a School, going far away from the primary principles implemented by its Founder? No, we don't think so!

However, it was what happened through the ages, and the "Rosicrucian Fellowship founded by Mr. Max Heindel in the United States, has not escaped its unhappy fate. Such happening has been foreseen by him a long time before he passed away to the Internal Worlds, and such a prediction has been recorded in one of his lessons, later inserted into the work "Teachings of an Initiate". His prophecy has fully come true, and power usurpation by disqualified people was the major cause of the fellowship defeat. Usurping power means: to take over the place to which an individual is not up to, and to which he is elevated to meet personal caprices of a group!

Fraternidade Rosacruciana São Paulo (FRSP) has never agreed with such new guidelines, which became effective in the Rosicrucian Fellowship, after the decease of its venerable founder.

By 1957, its founder and instructor Prof. Lourival Camargo Pereira, wrote an article published on the "Rosicrucian Bulletin" explaining the students and interested people the reasons why the Fellowship has not become a member to the U.S. Head Office in Oceanside. He says: Max Heindel passed away in 1919, and since then the Rosicrucian Fellowship he founded in 1912 has gone through many vicissitudes and changes as a consequence of fights and disputes of every kind. No confusion should be made between the Philosophy brought up by Max Heindel, and the guidelines and opinions, which later on were adopted by the continuers of his work at the U.S. Fellowship. As always happens in this world, as time goes by, the continuers of a superior work lose the sight of and forget the spirit which began such work, and look for the letter and material assets only.

For over 20 years, an inglorious fight between two directing groups has been fought in an intransigent and incomprehensible way in the U.S. Fellowship Head Office, and the issue has been taken to the courts, reaching up to the Supreme Court of the United States. Nearly 100,000 U.S. dollars is calculated as the amount spent with such case. Each of these groups intended to get the exclusive direction of the Fellowship, excluding the other. One of such groups, the most powerful, because it dominated revenues and finances of the Fellowship, prevailed and ended by taking over the whole management. For many years that most powerful group, which called itself the "Ecclesiastic Board of Directors", has been turning the Fellowship into an openly sacerdotal organization, and the U.S. Fellowship changed its name to "The Rosicrucian Fellowship - Non-sectarian Church". A booklet including rituals, such as baptism, wedding, dominical rite, funeral services, etc. has been officially published, and such rituals have been accepted and are being placed into operation not only by the Head Office, but also a number of affiliated centers located in other countries, as we could also see here in Brazil, in a center in Rio de Janeiro, which by the way was trying to make a wide advertising all around".

Many years went by, and the "Ecclesiastic Board of Directors" decided to change its name into "Esoteric Council", maybe because they were hardly criticized by all serious and honest student, which were obligated to leave the organization, and were unable to fight against the negative, sentimentalist and feminine stream which had usurped the control of the organization.

However, the name change from "Ecclesiastic Board of Directors" into "Esoteric Council", just changed the label, as its aquatic and negative mindset remains the same. To prove the Ecclesiastic Mindset is still alive and directs the organization, they introduced Mrs. Corinne Heline's clerical fantasies into the esoteric guidelines left by Mr. Max Heindel, based upon the pretext she was one of the first disciples of Mr. Max Heindel, even though he has never made any mention to her in any of his lessons, or ever granted her any authority, whether oral or written, in the instruction field.

The introduction of the planet (???) Pluto into the traditional astrology is also due to her, an introduction accepted with no criteria by most of the astrologists worldwide. Fortunately, such astrologic farce is about to be eliminated, as serious investigations are leading the astronomy to the conclusion that Pluto has never been a planet, but only a piece of rock and ice turning in the space.

On the other hand, it is not convenient to have any illusions because as said in an old saying: "one who tells a lie will have to repeat it one hundred times to support it." Therefore, Pluto's admirers will keep on forging the strangest fantasies to support their absurd points of view.

Mrs. Corinne Heline (already deceased) is considered today by Oceanside coryphaeus a true oracle, one of the precursors of the "New Age", and the great preacher of the Age of Aquarius. However, her writings do not acknowledge such authority!

We believe that such "big master", so admired by the current directors of the Oceanside Organization is, to a large extent, the responsible for the introduction of ecclesiastic methods of the "Sons of Water" into "Mt. Ecclesia", which have been passively and enthusiastically accepted by both old and current directors of the extinct School.

Everything points to the fact that not even Mrs. Augusta Foss Heindel, the fellowship founder's wife, and also responsible for the School defeat - as she was its director for many years - has been able to control the philosophical utopias of that lady.

Her trend towards ecclesiastic methods is undisguisable! Her writings clearly reflect a fanatic admiration and devotion for the Virgin Mary, very typical to the church and the Roman hierarchy, where she was certainly educated. Her exalted feminine ideal has never resigned itself to see Mary occupy a place of less highlight in the evangelic drama. As she saw things, Mary had to receive a honor similar to that Jesus was worth to, or maybe greater! At last, doesn't the church say she is God's mother, and the intercessor between Him and the mankind? Her teachings are the biggest proof of our statements!

Instead of freeding herself from fake religious ideas, prejudices and conditionings imposed by decaying and arrogant clergymen, that lady has attempted to fit them to the Rosicrucian teachings, mixing them with her absurd and fantastic ideas, which have nothing to do with the sublime teachings contained in the Gospel, or those provided by the Rosicrucian Order, and the traditional Occultism of all the times. Her teachings, instead of clearing, bring confusion to new and good faith students.

Once again the evangelic law is confirmed when we find out that tares are always mixed with the wheat, in other words, lie always tries to find a way to filter in the truth. It is necessary to have eyes to see it, and not take one for the other! The purpose of this article is to call the attention of scholarly persons so they can see and convince themselves about this sad reality!

One questions oneself: Was that what Mr. Max Heindel taught? Would he have any trend towards ecclesiastic and sacerdotal methods? Would the School he founded conceal a little disguised and negative church? The answer is obvious: of course not! He was and is a "Son of Fire", and the easiest way to prove our statements is to read his monumental work "Freemasonry and Catholicism" to notice clearly that his methods are substantially different from those taken by the Oceanside organization, and its satellites around the world.

Particularly with that work, the author lets us know frankly his position when facing two streams dividing the humanity: The Fire Stream (esoterism) and the Water Stream (theology), taking a position in the line opposite to Catholicism.

One may possibly ask: "Why doesn't FRSP stop criticizing "The Rosicrucian Fellowship", and its affiliated centers, and take care of its own interests only? "Mr. Max Heindel, many will say, advised us not to attack anybody, to be tolerant with all other movements."

We fully agree with that and respectfully bend ourselves in face of the Master's warning, just regretting our incapacity to meet his request. However, he has also taught us, through the spirit of his lessons, to defend truth and not to agree with the negativity, lie and pretension of whoever it may be. And, if the Oceanside organization is so faithful to the standards set forth by the Venerable Instructor, why hasn't it been kept loyal to the principles he set, but instead, turned the School into a branch of the "Sons of Water"?

He believed loyalty to be a higher principle, as the main virtue and characteristic of every serious and sincere student. He did not teach us to be omissive! We don't believe, therefore, he is angry with us because we are defending the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order provided by him. We even believe he may be happy seeing that we are taking a position against the fatal and adulterous trend of certain little groups, responsible for the transformation of his Esoteric School into a disguised little church!

It is also convenient to say that the Rosicrucian Philosophy is nobody's private asset, not even the Oceanside organization. The Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order are not subordinated to that organization, and to any little, selfish, mundane caprice. They act through all the honest and sincere organizations, which keep loyal to their teachings.

For this reason, we talk and write so the truth may become known and also as a matter of principle and loyalty to the Rosicrucian Order and the Venerable Messenger! His teachings belong to the mankind, and not to a group or caste of privileged people having clearly defined inclinations towards matriarchy and clericalism.

We want to make it quite clear that we don't have anything to do with other organizations - particularly those which bypassed the original line - and we are not interested in knowing what they may think about us. We do not even expect they will read our articles, as we don't write such articles for them! A long term experience has shown us that when a School degenerates and turns into a little church, it will never be a School again.

Therefore, we have no misgivings when saying the truth, whomever it may hurt, even because we think that shutting up is to become connivent and we are not! We do make a point being different from that negative Rosicrucianism, drenched and adulterated by ideas of the opposite ideal (water)!

Our intent is not to attack anybody in particular, even because we are quite aware of our own weaknesses, and defects to attack anybody else. However, we think it is a moral and spiritual duty to clarify new and inexperienced students as to deceiving ideas which have been inserted into Rosicrucian teachings.

Fazem 78 anos que o Sr. Max Heindel partiu para os mundos espirituais, e os estudantes que não tiveram o privilégio de receber uma orientação superior, podem vir a pensar, que o que se apresenta em certas lições mensais de filosofia, enviadas aos estudantes pela Sede Mundial de Oceanside, e por alguns folhetos publicados pelos centros filiados a esta, estejam em sintonia com os ensinos apresentados por ele. (Ver outro “link” – How one adulterates a teaching).

We will include herein below a few statements made by Mrs. Corinne Heline in one of her works, which we submit to the appraisal of our students and all sincere people able to have a logic and good sense-based reasoning.

The legitimate students must know such fantastic ideas, which according to the directors of the Oceanside organization have an unarguable authority because their authorship belongs to one of the first Mr. Max Heindel's disciples (?). Her teachings are part to the organization program, and are transcribed with admiration by the Centers of Studies affiliated to it.

We transcribe here a few sections of those lessons, which are part to the work "In the Supreme Initiations of Blessed Virgin". New Age Press, Oceanside, 1959, Trad. L.A.M. Autor: Corinne Heline.

Such lessons were published by the Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal in its quarterly Bulletin of October/November/December, 1995, and January/February/March, 1996, called "ROSACRUZ".

The magazine "Sentiero Rosacrociano, Revista trimestrale del Centro Italiano, A.R.C.O", also issues frequently lessons of that author showing a great admiration for her! Both entities are affiliated to the Worldwide Head Office in Oceanside, "The Rosicrucian Fellowship".

"The Assumption Rite was Virgin Mary's supreme spiritual experience. After having learned the lessons this physical plan could teach her, she changed earth for heaven, and her living next to the mankind for a home she shares with the angels."

"We can make a relation between the Annunciation Rite and the Initiation by the earth. Completion of such rite provides the physical matter mastery. The home of such angels who work on earth is located in the ethereal reigns, so the Virgin could never have ascended to that sphere in her physical body; but, as she had achieved the mastery of the physical matter, she made her dense body turn back to the original elements, and she left in an ethereal vehicle to live with the angels" ...

"Even though Blessed Virgin lives now in heaven with the angels, she spends a lot of her time on earth working with the humanity. Many have already experienced a vision of her appearance (and of her guardian angel) at hospitals, particularly in maternity hospitals, and where there are children in suffering; and some who did not see her had the consciousness to receive the consolation provided by her blessings. Mary prefers working where clouds are heavier and shadows are sharpest. While she lived on earth she chose to follow the suffering way; now she dedicates to helping those following the same way. She is present wherever movements for the woman emancipation and elevation may be (?), by encouraging and inspiring everyone dedicated to such humanitarian work"...

"It is so many times asked if there are masculine angels, as they are normally represented in the feminine (???). Well, they are neither masculine nor feminine, as they show the masculine power and courage, along with the feminine love and tenderness. Therefore, they are the ideal ministers for a mankind which has not developed the dual force in itself"...

"It is a rare view to see that group of angels in action or having fun (???). Their ethereal bodies are luminous and have an intense bright; they float in the air with the graciousness of the butterflies in the gardens when the sun goes down"...

"However, a group of angels moving around to build a color symphony is frequent. Their resplendent ethereal bodies reflect the harmony color with the movement activity. A dark and miasmatic cloud consisting of negative thoughts and emotions generated by men is formed over the big cities. A multitude of angels then starts their task of dissipating as much as possible such malign forces. As the sun rises, they bright happily in the horizon, like light ships ascending even higher until they can no longer be seen"...

"Some angels have as their mission to inspire artists, poets, musicians and other creative works. Such beings usually wear refined blue color. Others work with students, philosophers and all other people dedicated to deep and serious investigations. In this case, they show a bright golden color, typical to Christ's resplendence. Broken homes and people away from their families are sometimes miraculously gathered together, thanks to the angelical intervention. Angels in charge of such work wear delicate pink color, the love radiation color"...

"There are angels who cooperate with aspirants following the conducive light way, ultimately the way leading to celestial spheres. They wear white resplendent orchid colors, as these are the colors of deity. It is Neptune radiation through which many of the wonderful secrets of the New Age will be disclosed to man"...

"It is perfectly logical that Blessed Virgin lives among such celestial beings, with which she is in perfect syntony. Angels have no desire body (???) , but are covered with a pure light mantle"...

"Here and again divine Mary shines as a perfect standard, as she made her own full internal transformation. This was essential before she went through the sublime mystery of the Immaculate Conception. This is the reason why, in the Assumption Rite, hosts of celestial beings extending up to God's throne itself, joined the angels and archangels in a triumphal chore while Mary was crowned by Christ himself. Sheila Faye-Smith writes: "Human race flourishes in Mary. Cultivated in the garden of the mankind universal dream, watered by the law of the elected race the Rose of Sharon opens its corolla to be fertilized by God. Mary is the only perfect flower born in the sad beginnings of the human species. The soil was rich and many were the gardeners, but only one flower blossomed to the sun in all its perfection".

"For this reason Blessed Virgin is, for all the humanity, the School of hope and the perfect example of the spiritual victory. She is the light Bride in this vale of tears and in the celestial reigns".

We think it is not necessary to make any comment about such inconsistent statements, because they are the expressions of the most exalted and uncontrolled fantasy, dreaming and sentimentalist reflections of the hierarchy of the "Sons of Water", sneakingly infiltrated in the higher teachings of the "Sons of Fire".

To what conclusions do we get when reading these philosophical divagations? That the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, and the other Schools, as well as their Invisible Aids are no longer necessary, because their places have already been taken over by the angels and the Virgin Mary. Moreover, the big Christian ideal promulgated by the Rosicrucian Order was replaced by the Marian, feminine and negative ideal, defended by the passive, infantile and maternal method presented by the church.

The alleged continuers of Mr. Max Heindel's work extol Mrs. Corinne Heline's writings, because she was (they say) one of his first disciples. Of course, what they intended with such introduction was to vest her with an authority and prestige her writings do not indeed confirm.

According to our criteria, the philosophical prestige of the disciple is somewhat scratched when her lessons are compared to those of the Master (Max Heindel) who, according to them, would have instructed her.

Oceanside directors should make no mistake thinking nobody studies anything seriously, and that everyone is nothing but naive and simple-minded people to the point of accepting their philosophical dreams! We believe it is convenient to tell them that there are many sincere students loyal to Mr. Max Heindel, and as such students are awake, they will not allow any involved by the spiritualist fantasies of the head office directors.

Hiran Abif's legend will be forgotten by the true occultists. Its higher meaning remains as much alive nowadays as it was in the remote past. The true Sons of Fire, we say it again, will not be deceived!

Still an important point to be noticed. In his Astrology teachings, Mr. Max Heindel never gave any explanation regarding the influences of planet Pluto, maybe because its influence was too vague and undetermined, if there is any (until today nobody knows for sure if Pluto is a planet, a moon or a less important asteroid).

The fact is that Pluto was discovered in 1930, therefore, after Mr. Max Heindel passed away to the spiritual worlds, but this does not mean he would not have any knowledge about it. Because the conditions existing today are different from those available in the past, assuming Mr. Max Heindel had no means to ascertain Pluto's existence is a true childishness!

It should be recalled that the big Instructor is alive, he was and is an Initiate and disciple of a Elder Brother of the Rosicrucian Order, therefore he is quite capable of carrying out a deep investigation, and any comment about it.

If he didn't it was because he did not feel it convenient or necessary, or because he did not find there (Pluto) any meaning or influence worth of a note. For this reason, we cannot find in his works: "The Message of the Stars" and "Simplified Scientific Astrology" any mention to this alleged star.

However, the Oceanside scribes, like modern astrologers, particularly those affiliated to the "New Age", and so they could not be considered old-fashioned, thought it better to make a description and interpretation of that planet, following the guidance of Mrs. Corinne Heline, ardent defender of Pluto.

We ask: Who has granted them the authority to make such interpretation concerning a nearly unknown star, and which is located in the borders of our solar system, supposing it belongs to it? Certainly it was not Mr. Max Heindel, and much less the Rosicrucian Order.

Maybe they were academic, psychiatric and psychological studies (drenched in utility astrology) made by the current directors (men and women) of Oceanside. What criteria were used to write that interpretation, which besides being absurd, is presented in the work "The Message from the Stars" whose authors are Mr. Max Heindel, and Mrs. Augusta, his wife?

This heap of foolishness leads new and misinformed students to assume such interpretation has been written by the authors of the works themselves. We beg new students to check the old English and Spanish issues, among others, to ascertain our denouncement. Such interpretation does not exist in the originals, as it was added later to the new issues by the former school director.

If they had printed a separate leaflet containing such interpretation, we could even understand, at last, the Rosicrucian teachings are currently blended with opinions of their own and preconceived opinions, but including it into a work whose authorship belongs to an Initiate is not fair or honest, it is a crime.

Maybe the current organization directors deem themselves as the sole and legitimate inheritors of the philosophical asset left by the illustrious Instructor, with the right to add everything they wish to the teachings he left.

FRSP tries to be informed about everything happening in the spiritualism field, and particularly in the Rosicrucianism field. As a matter of loyalty to the higher teachings, its direction feels entitled to denounce every and any idea or pretension, which is not in agreement with the legitimate Rosicrucian method shown in the "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception", and other works of the author.

It is a philosophical attack adding to Mr. Max Heindel's or any other author's teachings, anybody else's particular ideas. Nobody was or is authorized to do this work. What is truly necessary is to study and understand them properly, as they have been originally written.

We call the attention of all serious and free students, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, to study impartially the works left by Mr. Max Heindel, and confirm by themselves the veracity of our statements.

We see this attitude taken by The Rosicrucian Fellowship as a lack of respect and ethics beyond question! A demonstration of lack of consciousness and consideration with the noble Instructor.

With that attitude the little Oceanside church gives the biggest littleness and irresponsibility evidence, adding to the teachings of an Instructor as important as Mr. Max Heindel, chimeras and spiritualist opinions formulated by a group which calls itself an esoteric group, but dominated by vanity and pretension; a group incapable of seeing the spirit shining between the lines of his lessons, and for this very same reason, hindered to keep the School within the lines of the legitimate Rosicrucianism!

Finally, we include below Mr. Max Heindel's prophecy, introduced in its work "Teachings of an Initiate", proving its founder had already predicted the decay of the institution he had founded.

"So far we could not help the rigid and firm organization conditions at the Headquarters, but the association with no restrictions should remain free so one can achieve a higher spiritual growth and longer life. However, it is sad to consider that, although these are our intentions, a day will come when the Rosicrucian Fellowship (in Oceanside) will have the same destiny as all other movements: It will be tied up by rules, and power usurpation will cause the fellowship to get crystallized and disintegrated. But it is some kind of consolation to know that from its remains something bigger and better will emerge, like the fellowship emerged from other structures which had their utility, and are now about to be dissolved".

That roses flourish on your cross